How you can help

Thank you for your interest! We hope you become part of our team to make a difference in these tough times. We have the following roles currently open.

If you would like to help, Contact us by emailing

  • createContent Creators

    As circumstances surrounding COVID evolve continuously, we will be required to release updated infographics to address them. We are looking for individuals who will be keen to:

    • gather and summaries information from reliable sources (e.g. WHO, NHS, NICE, GOV.UK)
    • creating infographics with the information gathered

    We have a group of doctors who are readily available to validate any information going up to make this process as secure and as reliable as possible. No previous design experience is required! Most of our infographics are put together on Microsoft Powerpoint, so some proficiency there would be appreciated.

  • translateTranslators

    With up to 30 languages (and potentially more) on offer, we are constantly looking for individuals who can translate simple medical information.

    Here are the current list of languages we are currently offering: Hindi, Gujarati, Punjabi, Bengali, Tamil, Swahili, Urdu, Polish, Arabic, Hebrew, German, Turkish, Farsi, Malayalam, Kurdish, French, Lithuanian, Yoruba, Chinese (simplified), Russian, Spanish, Ukrainian, Japanese, Somali, Vietnamese, Mali, Dutch, Bulgarian, Swedish, Korean and Portuguese!

    If you are interested in translating any of these languages or can offer any languages that are not on this list, please get in touch! We are ideally looking for those who are fluent in their respective language.

    PLEASE ALSO SEE: “Community ambassadors” – language unlocks a community; most of our current translators also work as community ambassadors, please also see the role description if you would like to get involved

  • transfer_within_a_stationCommunity Ambassadors

    Prevention is the best cure. Education can allow for this prevention to occur. For our infographics to have maximum impact, we will need individuals who can distribute them to the communities represented by the languages we offer. Your role would include:

    • distributing the respective infographic to the correct communities by various media means
    • reaching out to those who have a wider influence on these communities, e.g. religious leaders, university societies, public/global health groups.
    • promoting our initiative to gain more attention

    No experience required! Just a willingness to put yourself out there for a meaningful and impactful cause.

  • shareSocial media management

    We are currently active on Facebook and are in the process of launching our initiative on other social media platforms, e.g. Twitter and Instagram.

    We are looking for individuals to represent us on these platforms. Your role would involve working closely with us to:

    • post infographics/any updates
    • source and share any relevant media updates on the COVID19/BAME situation
    • reply to those who contact the group
    • reach out to those who are working in a similar field

    NIdeally, we would like some prior experience in managing social media accounts to be able maximise our output, however we are open to those who are willing to learn